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Perfect Access Management Begins at your Customer’s Home

Perfect access management plays an important role not only in your leisure facility. It does not start at the cash desk and the access checks on site, but at your customer´s home - for example, with the purchase of online tickets or the reservation of a parking space. And it does not end with the final whistle or the end of the event, because bonus points, interesting and useful information about the day in your adventure world and numerous other advantages ensure that the perfect experience continues to provide value.

The SKIDATA complete solution takes your needs into account, and also the needs of your guests.

The SKIDATA Customer Journey: Accompany your guests from the beginning!

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The SKIDATA complete solution

SKIDATA offers you a broad spectrum of proven solutions ranging from standard to customer-specific. The smart Handshake.Logic software controls your entire facilities. Intelligent and secure access management systems provide the highest level of comfort for your guests and professional data and report management provides you with the reliable key figures that you need. The targeted optimization of operational processes increases your efficiency and a wide range of marketing and sales channels increase turnover. The seamless integration of third-party systems also ensures high flexibility. A wide range of innovative service offerings rounds off the SKIDATA complete solution.